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Floor Coatings - Part 1

Floor Preparation and Coating Your Shop Floor - Why Does Floor Epoxy Peel?

So you followed all of the manufacturer's instructions, but still find that your garage floor epoxy is peeling and flaking? Unfortunately, rather than a faulty product, this most likely boils down to a case of improper preparation before you put the coating down on your concrete.

Without the correct steps to prep and clean the concrete, the paint most likely never properly adhered to its surface, and hidden cracks within the coating allowed moisture to collect beneath the coating destroying your epoxy finish.

This is a problem most often encountered with do-it-yourselfers who become so eager to get the job done that they devote much less time to prepping the concrete than their professional counterparts. This also has to do with the type of epoxy that owners are putting down on their floors.

Concrete can be a fickle material to work with because of its porous nature and ability to expand and contract with the changing seasons. However, many DIY-ers may actually take less care when epoxying a garage floor than with other flooring projects because they are under the impression that its solid surface means it is strong, unchanging and easy to care for.

This can spell trouble in the long run as concrete that is not properly cleaned to remove stains and oil it has absorbed over the years will not hold a coat of epoxy paint, nor will it if it is too cold or humid when treated, or too smooth.  Additionally, small cracks that remain untreated, and poorly applied epoxy mean that moisture is able to get below the surface ruining the seal between concrete and the epoxy coating causing bubbling, flaking, and peeling in high traffic areas. Also, in areas with weather fluctuation, moisture that has remained dormant below the surface of the paint can freeze during the colder months, pushing the epoxy finish upward and causing it to flake off.

By taking the time to properly clean your concrete beforehand, you are much more likely to install your garage floor epoxy properly and enjoy it for decades to come.


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